Miss Ola has helped me develop my maths skills and grow confident in tackling harder problems. I am now hoping to study maths in my A-levels, which I can only credit to Miss Ola helping me at a young age.


Year 11 Pupil

Excellent maths teacher that cares deeply about her students’ progress in maths.

Miss Harris

Miss Ola helped me so much in maths, helped me develop in my confidence to answer questions. Truly great teacher and she takes time for me to fully understand the task.


Year 11 Pupil

I have worked with this lady for a number of years in a high school. She has a wonderful way of teaching kids maths in a way they understand. If a child struggles she will explain again and again in small chunks until they understand. She NEVERS gives up on a child. She is the most happiest person I have met and has bags of patience with anyone. Always there to help and guide with great advice, whether a child or adult.

Mrs Cooley

Ms Ola is a teacher that doesn’t do her job for the money. This drives her to make sure I achieve and do my best. I have learnt a lot from her and she has really helped me understand.


Year 9 Pupil

Ms Ola is a very nice teacher and she saved our grades from our past maths teacher.


Year 9 Pupil

Ms Ola is an amazing teacher! She always helps out whenever you’re stuck on something. Ever since she started teaching me, I have learnt a lot than from my previous past teacher.


Year 9 Pupil

Ms Ola is good at explaining and helping me understand topics that I do not understand initially.


Year 9 Pupil

Ms Ola is a very helpful and committed teacher. She has helped me improve my maths skills even in the short time she has taught me.


Year 9 Pupil

Ms Ola is such a beautiful teacher. Since I had her as my teacher, I have improved my grade. She is fun when she teaches, but when it is time to work, it is time to work. I love Miss Ola.


Year 9 Pupil

Ms Ola is an extremely good teacher. I used to struggle a lot with my maths and she has really helped me to regain my confidence. She has motivated me to try my best and to always believe in myself.


Year 9 Pupil

I had Ms Ola in year 7, she is a very good teacher, and she is very caring.


Year 10 Pupil

Ms Ola is a really good teacher. She has made me confident in maths and motivated me to do well in the future tests.


Year 9 Pupil

I had Ms Ola when I was in year 7, now in year 10 I now understand that Miss is one of the best maths teachers I have had.


Year 10 Pupil

I really struggled with maths because it’s not my preferred subject but since I’ve been taught by Ms Ola she has helped me understand even the most difficult of topics such as circumference of a circle.


Year 10 Pupil

I struggled with maths a lot, but Ms Ola really helped me when I was stuck on things and now am not stuck because of the tactics that she uses. I find her learning tactics really helpful. I feel more confident and find maths fun and easy.


Year 10 Pupil

Miss Ola is a wonderful and dedicated teacher whose experience is noticeable when being taught by her. By encouraging her students constantly, she effectively leaves students feeling confident enough to move onto further stages in maths. Her kind yet strict teaching approach has enabled me to flourish in several areas of maths in ways that I couldn’t before


Year 11 Pupil

Ms Ola is very helpful because I struggle with maths but when she is teaching me I feel confident in being able to do the topics she as taught me and I am glad she has taught me.


Year 10 Pupil

Learning from Ms Ola has been a good experience and has made me improve my mathematics skills


Year 10 Pupil

Ms Ola has taught me the most about maths over the years. She is definitely the only maths teacher that has helped me understand how to do maths properly.


Year 0 Pupil

Ms Ola has helped me a lot in maths, she is a great teacher and makes things easier to understand!


Year 9 Pupil

Ms Ola is a very good teacher, she helps with work and helps you understand it well. She offers a lot of support.


Year 10 Pupil

Ms Ola is a very adaptable teacher in a learning environment. She can explain a problem very clearly thus it is very easy to understand her way of explaining.


Year 10 Pupil

Thanks for a great year,I hope you will have a wonderful summer. Thanks for all the opportunities. I hope I will get you for my year 9 teacher next year. Thank you for all your hardwork helping me achieve high grades.


Year 8 Pupil
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