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From my experience I have seen pupils falling behind due to peer pressure and the inability to focus in a busy classroom environment hence they do not achieve their end of year target and they carry on from year 7 to year 11 secretly hating maths each and every day.

A 60 minutes maths lesson in school is approximately 3 minutes individual time with the teacher. This is not enough time for the pupil to fully grasp the concept/skill taught. There is nothing more unsettling that seeing a pupil in year 11 with little to no basic maths skills.

For these pupils the foundation of their maths journey as not been laid firmly hence they have to work extra hard to get a good GCSE grade.  Well, enough is enough. We are drawing a line on unnecessary failure in maths. We are offering one to one online maths tutoring as a solution.

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Yes, our primary goal is working with Key Stage 3 students but we also offer maths tuition to Key Stage 4 students. If your child is preparing for maths GCSE and you would like maths tutoring for them, please get in touch.

How it works

Zoom and BitPaper plus much more!

Just like the traditional way of tutoring but much better.

Pupil and tutor meet

Work on the maths questions together

Get to see each other

Collaborative learning: Pupil can write on the board with the teacher

Hear each other

Still not sure about online maths tutoring? Why not try our FREE trial lesson? You would be surprised how straight forward online tutoring is.



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