Can I attend the lesson with my child?

Yes, you can sit with your child during the session if you wish to do so.

Can you do tutor at my home?

No, tutoring is all done online. At Maths For KS3 we believe that the engagement and collaboration between pupil and tutor is more effective online than in person.

Do you give discounts?

Lessons are sold in packages. The more lessons you book, the more you save.

Do you offer Summer Tutoring?

Yes, I offer summer tutoring.

Summer is the time of year where pupils will suffer from learning loss if they are not consistently engaged with the content.

It is important to me that my pupils do not miss out on this opportune time to close the gap and be secure in maths for the following school year.

Please check out our Summer Refresher Courses.

Do you offer trial lessons?

Yes, we offer free trial lesson

Do you set homework?

Yes. The homework given takes into consideration the homework that school has already set. I would encourage the pupil to use the information from the sessions that we have had to make a revision/learning journal. This would consolidate learning. Pupil would receive a free exercise book upon registering.


How do I use Zoom?

First, you sign up and download Zoom. It is completely free.

Next, you will receive an invite to a zoom meeting from me by email. Click the link in the email to join the meeting.

You will notice that we can see each other on video just like Skype and we can hear each other through the computer audio.

Zoom has a screen sharing feature that allows me to show my screen to your child.  This is just like as if I were sitting right next to your child and showing a book or a worksheet to him or her.

There is a video from Zoom that will explain what you can expect here.  https://support.zoom.us/hc/en-us/articles/201362193-How-Do-I-Join-A-Meeting-

How does Online Tutoring Work?

I would start with assessing your child to find out where the gaps are. After the assessment, I would have a conversation with the parent to discuss the findings of the assessment.

Then a plan specific to your child would be made. This plan is tailored to your childs’ need and would help him/her to progress quickly.

The lessons take place via Zoom and we use a whiteboard called Bitpaper.  Zoom is a FREE video conferencing software similar to Skype.


How long are the sessions?

Session length will be determined by the needs of your child.

An hour session works best for pupils in secondary school.  There are exceptions for pupils with learning disabilities, ADD, and ADHD.  In which case, session time will be based on attention span.

During the free trial session, we would determine whether a 30 minute or a 60-minute session would be better for your child.

How long will my child need tutoring?

This depends on the learning speed of your child, consistency and if your child has a learning disability.

Most pupils that need tutoring benefit from one on one instruction. With one on one tutoring pupils can get the exact help that they need when they need it. This allows growth to happen quickly.

If your child has been diagnosed with a learning disability, it will take him/her more time than other pupils. This is because it takes longer for things to go from their short-term memory to their long-term memory. In this case, your child will benefit from more repetition.

Another factor is consistency. Sometimes life gets in the way of pupils being able to show up for their tutoring sessions. If pupils miss too many sessions, then it becomes harder to close the gap. The more consistent we both are the better results your child gets.

How much do you charge?

Lessons are sold in packages. Please find below the price packages:

1 lesson £30

5 lessons £140 (£28 per lesson)

10 lessons £260 (£26 per lesson)

25 lessons £625 (£25 per lesson)

The more lessons you book, the more you save.

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